It Turns Out I'm Somewhat of an Idiot

March 31, 2019

Thought I was coming to your village? You can relax, exhale. I'll wait. So, yesterday I made a big hoopla about how I was gonna head down to the Fremont Street Experience to sign some books and give away a few Luck U t-shirts. Things did not go as planned. Think I'd be used to that by now. Well, even though I had done some Fremont street recon (beer drinking, booty watching and enjoying the street performers), I somehow never took in to account the excessive noise level. So when I arrived to my spot in front of the Main Street Stage, I was bummed that the music was so loud that I couldn't even think, let alone talk books, shirts and shoot the shit with ya'll. I've already hatched a new plan. Details soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for listening.




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