I'm Raz Cue. I write books and make videos in Las Vegas, NV. Watch me make fun of stuff.

Viva, Viva...Viva

October 25, 2018

Hello folks, Raz Cue coming at you from Fabulous Lost Wages. For those of you that have been clamoring for a new "Crusin Fremont Street" gimp-cam video, today is your rucky day. Which doesn't make up for not winning the 1.6 billion Lottery jackpot, yesterday? Wait, I just realized I never checked my numbers. So, if - 1,2,8,11,21+21 - hit, my next blog will be written from a secure location, deep within a hidden bunker jam-packed-full of hookers n' blow. There might be a few midgets in that bunker as well. Need all the security I can get at that point. But, F.T.S.! Back to the topic at hand, my latest video. I'm having a blast, and learning a ton, making these. Enjoy, and I will stock up on beer and get to work on the next one. XO from Sin City




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