They Gave Me The Electric Chair

September 23, 2018

I was only 15 when I broke my fuckin neck, so of course I did a half-assed job of it, I have what is called an incomplete spinal injury. Basically fully paralyzed on my right side, and weakened left side. 38 years later, other than flat un-carpeted, land I never really got good at moving swiftly in a manual wheelchair. I’m actually downright slow in most outside world situations. It’s gotten to the point where I choose not to leave my house more than a couple days a week. Working from home and being a recluse are a big part of that equation, though


Not to long ago my insurance bought me a power wheelchair to make this quads life a little easier. It’s a bitchen Quantum chair with lots of bells and whistles. Part of me, at times, is hesitant to cruise the power chair. Mostly because I feel as though I am somehow being weak, or a pussy. A feeling that I should soldier on and not allow myself to rely on something other than my own ability allows. I have a fear that using a power chair will lead to diminishing strength due to reducing my physical activity.


But, fuck that boring, touchy-feely crap. I hooked up some cameras and took a cruise on the Fremont Street Experience, just for the fuck of it. Hope you enjoy the footage from the camera that actually had a memory card in it.


Oh, by the way, you might notice that a lot of the final footage is booty-centric. My plan wasn’t to be a pervy-creeper! But I had an hour of footage and, being my first run with a camera attached, the shot angle/composition wasn’t as I had envisioned. So, when editing I…well all is can say is I am really fond of the booty.


I’m gonna head back to Fremont Street Experience today and give this mobile camera set up another go. I might even talk to some Life is Beautiful people, or some bums. If I can tell them apart.




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