I'm Finally Ready to Forgive the Raiders

August 2, 2017

Back in 1995 it hurt when you up and quit me. No warning, nothing. One season you were there, then I was left wondering what I did to you. I gave up the Rams for you and that was how I was repaid. The Traitors, that's what you became. I even started seeing the Broncos, hoping that it'd hurt you. You didn't care. Wallowing in mediocrity, or worse, you went on playing your fucking games. It didn't take long to get over you, because when you split town I got to watch a lot more Sunday games on free TV due to those double headers you never told me about. I became a fair weather fan, rooting for every underdog team that was written off in preseason making a run in the playoffs, except for the Cowboys. Hail to the Redskins! But now you plan to move back to my city, and it makes me think you missed me. I know you won't admit it, but why are you moving so close, then? So I'll make the first move and say it out loud, Raiders I forgive you. Please don't break my heart again. Broncos jersey to the Goodwill! 


Jackson 5 "I Want You Back



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