Less is More -- More or Less

June 24, 2017

I can't remember the first time I heard that "less is more" saying. Unlike when I first heard, "failure is not an option." It was in the Apollo 13 movie. Which isn't true, failure is always an option. How you react, learn or  ignore a failure is what truly matters. But when it comes to less of something actually providing greater results and beneficial outcomes I'm a believer. Through the course of my life, I've run into dozens of more is more folks, they be like, "If two aspirin are good, Ima gonna take four." Or why just drink three shots of tequila when they can slam ten? I could actually list several real examples of that shit, but less is more. Let's tie this all together with my new found blogging bug. I haven't even been doing this shit for a month yet, and for the first few weeks I set an artificial standard to create at least one blog every day. And I did. A few days ago I re-read my body of blog-work, and found it quite easy to tell which ones were me merely going through the motions to create something just to say I did. I then decided to save my blogging time for talking about things that catch my fancy, instead of B.S. myself through a few sentnces and a song. Maybe even put a little more time and thought into them, and sleep on'em to see if I still respect them in the morning. We'll see if that'll make ya'll look forward to my posts even more, too.


Billy Idol "Rebel Yell"



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