Even Careful Wishes Will Kick You in the Nuts

June 15, 2017

There's a company called Legacy Box that's been advertising like a motherfucker lately. It's a digital conversion service, photos, audio, video and old home movies are the main formats they convert. It caught my ear about the thousandth time I heard the radio pitch. Plus there was a coupon. I'm a sucker for a coupon, and I have 186 rolls of Charmin to prove it. But that's another blog? Back in the 80's I attended "film school" at my nearby community college, and so I got myself a Super 8 film, movie camera. Around that time -- get ready for my first blog name drop -- my friends Guns N' Roses were on a rocket ship to the top of the Billboard charts. In August of 88, we all happened to be in a New Jersey conference room at the same time. Plus there was a photographer there snapping the band's photo for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I captured a roll of herky-jerky flickering Super 8 while I watched them pose. A few days later, I shot a second roll backstage at Giants Stadium before G N'R's show. When I got back to L.A., I took my film to the lab, and later watched my 6-ish minutes of film to make sure it be good. I tucked that shit away, always planning on digitizing it, but at the same time scared to let it out of my possession for fear that it would be lost. Fast forward to 2017, I finally decided to convert my Super 8 movies to a modern format, and searched high and low but could only find one of the reels of film. I packed up my Legacy Box and sent it off. It took forever, like 8 weeks, and yesterday I got my DVD back. They also returned all my originals, some photos, a few slides and that film reel with a sticker on it; "This reel is blank. We are unable to digitize it."


Fleetwood Mac: "Oh Well"



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