Raz Cue Was a Stand Up Guy

June 14, 2017

Back in the day, while I was still attending the old school, I used to tell jokes to half-filled rooms of drunk people. It was their validation that I sought. A few weeks ago I bought myself some video editing software, Adobe Premier. Like a dummy, I didn't read the system requirements, so instead of returning it, I Visa'd a new computer. Well once I got my rig up and running smooth, and put down the video game controller, I began trying to figure out how to work my video editing software so that I could prepare some interesting shit to share with the world. Thanks to YouTube, I found videos that taught me how to make videos for YouTube. The circle remains unbroken. Gotta start somewhere, which is why I dug out some of my old comedy performances to practice edit on. My "comedy" career lasted about a year and a half, parts of 1989- 1991, when I moved on to leaner pastures and fattened up. Without further ado, I give you...


Raz Cue @ L.A. Cabaret March 1990



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I'm Raz Cue. I write books and make videos in Las Vegas, NV. Watch me make fun of stuff.