Honesty Is Mostly The Best Policy

June 12, 2017

I love straight shooters. Folks who tell it like it is go right to the top of my "trusted source" list. Even if they think I'm an asshole, or an idiot, or a fool. Maybe I feel that way because that's the way I try to be with folks, well until they make it clear that they can't take it. Unfortunately, in my experience, most people seem to prefer a liberal sugar coating of bullshit with the insincere praise being delivered their way. Try it. Next time someone asks you what you think about a particular subject, or for an opinion on something that they are doing, hit them with the unfiltered response. "Yes dear, those pants make your ass look huge. But I love that fat ass. Now I wish you'd just shut up and grab me a beer."Yes, ladies, this dashing hunk of man is single :)


Derek and the Dominos: "Tell The Truth"




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