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June 11, 2017

Well I did it. The old dog opened a twitter account and will have to figure out how to say in a 140 characters what used to take him at least 150 characters to properly get his point across. The change even has him speaking in third person. Smooth transition back to first person. I also opened an Instagram account, and as soon as I figure out what the fuck that is I will start creating content there; so those billionaires can get more revenue from my three followers. Well here we are, another week flew into the past and most of us are eager to see what tomorrow will bring? I got an exciting Sunday planned; Gospel Music, Photoshop, novel writing and finishing the squaring away of all the little needs on my brand new computer. My new rig has a 27" screen, so I'll likely get some multi-table Texas Hold'em poker in later this evening. So now that I've created a lazy-Sunday-cop-out-blog, let's get to the music. What can I say, I love Sam...Cooke, Mann, and Uncle! 


Sam Cooke: "Jesus Gave Me Water"



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