People Love Dogs Because They Got Style.

June 8, 2017

But probably the most important reason is that dogs are honest, loyal and rarely talk back. My old dog, Keef, from the time I brought him home as a pup until the day he ruined that Ford Thunderbird's front end, hung out with me at my business, Faux Cue Studios. It's French. From noon to midnight daily, scores of dudes with various degrees of sobriety and hygiene habits wandered into my business. Keef was always there to excitedly greet his favorite band member, at worst he'd be indifferent to those he could care less about. There were only two times he ever went into full guard dog mode, growling with his at the ready to pounce stance, and both those dudes he objected to were true pieces of shit that had no reason to be on my property. I often wonder if he was reading my reaction to the trespassers, and so had my back. But over the years I have become convinced that dogs likely are psychic. It might be tin-foil hat stuff, but I've seen many instances of pups doing stuff that has no other explanation than them possessing supernatural gifts. Not everything can be chocked up to an amazing sense of smell. Want another example? This is an old, often repeated yet unverified tale. There were two guys walking down the street. They noticed a dog really going to town licking his junk. One of them said, "Boy, I wish I could do that." His friend replied, "Maybe you should pet him first so he don't bite you."


Aerosmith: "The Reason A Dog"



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