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June 7, 2017

Have you ever met someone who stuck out from the routine ranks of the faceless nameless crowd, so much so that you won't soon forget their positive energy and gung-ho outlook? That happened to me yesterday, while I was getting an ultrasound --Sidetrack: Wouldn't Ultra Sound be a great name for a Pop-Grunge-Metal boy band?" Where was I? Oh yeah, yesterday I met a cool chick, and the fact that she was very attractive has little to do with it. But it doesn't hurt. And though I'm 99% sure we'll never cross paths again, I keep remembering things we chatted about while she did what she medically did to me. And all this led me to wonder why some folks manage to leave such a big impression in a relatively small period of time. But then there are others who fade from memory quicker than blue jeans soaking in a bucketful of bleach. Every so often I'll run into someone who acts very happy to see me, hugs and all, and I will not for the life of me remember who the fuck they are or the circumstances of our prior time spent in close proximity upon this earth. The best example of this that I can remember happened last year. A very attractive babe came up to me and said, "Hi Raz. You look great." She hopped in my lap and tried kissing me, so I asked "Where do I know you from?"The worst part was the sad, defeated look upon her face when she said, "We were married."


The Ventures: "Wipeout"



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