This Be D-Day

June 6, 2017

Nowadays we're all worthless and weak. Something as innocuous as a misunderstood word or silly slight will send members of our current snowflake generation off to a safe space to melt in their own tears. In the grand scheme of time, it wasn't too far back in history when America's "Greatest Generation" were saving the world from evil, by killing any and all fascist motherfuckers that got in their way. Good must destroy evil, always! So on this day in 1945, our fathers and grandfathers stormed the beaches of Normandy France to begin killing them all, leaving God to sort that shit out. Pre World War II America wasn't all puppy dogs and rainbows devoid of trigger words either. Our great ancestors grew up in the miserable poverty and hunger of the Great Depression. Then when the world took a turn to the dark side they selflessly laid their lives on the lines, and their blood and limbs upon the battlefield, to save the world. Victorious, they came home to marry, settle down, raise a family and get to work building the United States of America into the most prosperous nation that the world had ever known. I wonder if the remaining members of America's Greatest Generation ever sicken when looking upon the weak-willed, whiney-fucking-morons that populate this once strong nation. Or do they worry that the next time shit hits the fan this generation will retreat to their safe spaces to cover their eyes and ears while the world is conquered by evil. Maybe the snowflakes will save the world with a #loveistheanswer campaign.


Rose Tattoo: "All the Lessons"



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