Are You Calling Me A Liar?

June 3, 2017

There we were, my dear helpful neighbor and I, going back and forth about something she claimed that I told her in the past. She was quite adamant that I had given her specific instructions about my email preference, which I am completely 100 percent certain did not come out of my mouth. I gave her several outs, all variations of her mishearing/understanding what I had said many moons ago. After attempting sixteen times to clarify, that if I had said anything at all about the subject it was most likely her hearing what she wanted to hear. Then once again she told me what I had without a doubt said, and their was no grey area. That's when I hit her with the "Are you calling me a liar?" question. Man-o-man folks hate it when you accuse them of accusing you of something they are unequivocally doing. And the look on her face showed it, plus we then got something else to argue about. It's all good with us now, though. Plus we left off at a point where we can jump right back into the back and forth at the drop of a misunderstood word or statement.


Sex Pistols: Liar



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