Does Anyone Really Like Jazz?

May 31, 2017

I've heard a lot of folks claim to enjoy jazz music, but I don't really believe that they do. My theory is: people who profess to be jazz fans are just saying it to project an air cultural superiority and worldliness. Let's examine the evidence. Have you ever heard a car rolling by pumping out Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk or any other "jazz great?" Ever? What about the charts, name me a jazz album that hit the "Hot 100." Need more evidence that it's all manufactured gravitas? Let's say a few top jazz musicians get together for a gig, do they play to a sold out arena; or a large theater? No, it's an intimate [tiny] club with maybe a hundred cool cats in attendance. I'm not denying the positive influence that some jazz elements have had on much of the music that I love. But as a whole, if we're being honest, jazz is overrated by people that are way cooler and know much more about real music than the rest of us plebes.



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