Sam Mann was correct, the sun came up.

May 29, 2017

And because Sam has only been wrong six times in the past twenty years, at some point later today the sun will go down. But I digress. What actually got me blogging on this, Memorial Day -- Sidetrack: God Bless all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to allow my unfettered ability to talk shit, while they defended absolutely  every other freedom we the citizens of the greatest fucking nation to ever exist enjoy! Okay, as I was saying, there I sat at my desk drinking my coffee and reading non mainstream news on the interwebs, when for the millionth time I realized that the comments section is the best part. Not only because they're often funny as shit, or funny ass shit if you prefer, but because the collective brain of those who post will point out biases, disinformation, paid trolls and any inaccuracy. Plus if there's more to the story, it will get mentioned by one or more of the bunch. But mostly I just go for the politically incorrect trolls opinions and the hearty laughs they deliver on a regular basis. When a site is afraid of the spotlight on their "journalism,"by not providing a reader feedback forum, I spend as little time as possible on that "news" site. That's just me. Comments will be disabled for this post.



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