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January 14, 2019

Hello from fabulous Las Vegas. Weed is legal in Nevada. That's my excuse for lots of stuff. Well mostly the flakey stuff. I made a New Years resolution, but I forgot what it was. Kinda thinking it had something to do with alcohol or weight. While I try to get clarity on that, I'm gonna go get some beer and order a couple pizzas. But there's good news to report. As we speak, The Days of Guns, & Raz's is on a Countdown Deal at For the next forty-eight hours you can get the Kindle version for a mere .99 cents. The price will incrementally increase over the course of the week, then return to its regular retail price. Thanks for watching. Get it here:

October 25, 2018

Hello folks, Raz Cue coming at you from Fabulous Lost Wages. For those of you that have been clamoring for a new "Crusin Fremont Street" gimp-cam video, today is your rucky day. Which doesn't make up for not winning the 1.6 billion Lottery jackpot, yesterday? Wait, I just realized I never checked my numbers. So, if - 1,2,8,11,21+21 - hit, my next blog will be written from a secure location, deep within a hidden bunker jam-packed-full of hookers n' blow. There might be a few midgets in that bunker as well. Need all the security I can get at that point. But, F.T.S.! Back to the topic at hand, my latest video. I'm having a blast, and learning a ton, making these. Enjoy, and I will stock up on beer and get to work on the next one. XO from Sin City

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