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August 8, 2019

Why I believe every sane American should own some kind of firearm. You think Germany in the 30's woulda turned out different if it was an armed populace? You think the American Indians wish they woulda armed up, and banded together, around 1820-1845? Guns don't kill people, governments kill people. Check the stats! I think you'll find that during the previous centuries, governments have a way higher kill rate than the populace picking each other off. But, I'm willing to give up my right to bear arms. Just as soon as the government lays down their arms. End the quasi-police state, too. Then we're good.

July 2, 2019

Before my fifteen minutes is up, won’t you allow me a few points of clarification on my open letter to Duff? First, I have never brought politics to my book’s page, and very rarely on my personal page. Neither have I ever openly stated support for any political party or politician. I will never again bring politics to my public pages.

But this begs the question: How does one respond to a political attack, which Duff clearly was doing, without being political? I admit I was quite exuberant in my response. For this, I humbly apologize to Michelle, her friends, and everyone else dismayed by my hijacking her issue to pontificate as I did. Especially if it made my calling out of utter hypocrisy lose credibility to many.

I am speaking out again to confess that I got it absolutely wrong in my book. Several of you have highlighted the contradiction. I became aware of the issue shortly after my book’s release when friends from back in the day pointed out my inaccurate accoun...

June 30, 2019

Hello Duff, Raz Cue here. How’s it going, buddy? Long time! First let me say, your fans have been very kind and supportive of my book. For that, I am forever thankful. It was fun while it lasted.

Never the less, I feel compelled to ask you a few questions. Remember, not too long ago, when you said this?

“I’m sure stuff was going on, Harvey Weinstein stuff and all that, but we hated that! If we saw that stuff going on around us, we didn’t allow it to happen around us. We were still good dudes,” he says. “None of our friends said, ‘Grab her by the p****.’ You know what I mean? Who would say something like that? And I don’t mean to be political against the dude who said that; it’s just an idiotic, stupid thing to say, for any man. And that’s the way I’ve always thought. So ’80s, or now — I could’ve written ‘Last September’ in the ’80s.”

C’mon man, seriously? You can’t utter such absurdities and expect to go unchallenged. The hypocrisy coming from someone that is a membe...

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