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May 31, 2017

I've heard a lot of folks claim to enjoy jazz music, but I don't really believe that they do. My theory is: people who profess to be jazz fans are just saying it to project an air cultural superiority and worldliness. Let's examine the evidence. Have you ever heard a car rolling by pumping out Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk or any other "jazz great?" Ever? What about the charts, name me a jazz album that hit the "Hot 100." Need more evidence that it's all manufactured gravitas? Let's say a few top jazz musicians get together for a gig, do they play to a sold out arena; or a large theater? No, it's an intimate [tiny] club with maybe a hundred cool cats in attendance. I'm not denying the positive influence that some jazz elements have had on much of the music that I love. But as a whole, if we're being honest, jazz is overrated by people that are way cooler and know much more about real music than the rest of us plebes.

May 30, 2017

When I was a new music loving youth, at some point near the end of the seventies, people listened to whatever was on the radio or an LP from the ol record collection. As a teenager who hustled and worked, I had a fair sized record collection of almost twelve LP's. Unfortunately, my brother and I had just about equal anger management issues, which resulted in my turntable's arm getting amputated, as well as most of my records getting flung against the wall. All rage past, we smoked a few doobies and my brother kindly sold me his 8-track hi-fi receiver. The best part of the deal was that the rig came with two 8-track tapes. Ted Nugent's Ted Nugent, plus Aerosmith Get Your Wings. For almost a year those were what I rocked out with for several hours a day; singing along and pounding out beats on my Remo practice pad. And with a AOR FM station for supplement that was all I needed. Nowadays my iPod has over 700 albums, so it's rare for me to listen to the same albu...

May 29, 2017

And because Sam has only been wrong six times in the past twenty years, at some point later today the sun will go down. But I digress. What actually got me blogging on this, Memorial Day -- Sidetrack: God Bless all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to allow my unfettered ability to talk shit, while they defended absolutely  every other freedom we the citizens of the greatest fucking nation to ever exist enjoy! Okay, as I was saying, there I sat at my desk drinking my coffee and reading non mainstream news on the interwebs, when for the millionth time I realized that the comments section is the best part. Not only because they're often funny as shit, or funny ass shit if you prefer, but because the collective brain of those who post will point out biases, disinformation, paid trolls and any inaccuracy. Plus if there's more to the story, it will get mentioned by one or more of the bunch. But mostly I just go for the politically incorrect trolls opinions and the...

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