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September 23, 2019

“Rap overtakes rock as the most popular genre among music fans,” shouted a 2018 USA Today headline. Born on the streets of 1970’s inner-city America, the influential genre has dispatched to second place the formally dominant, seemingly immortal art form known as rock ‘n’ roll. Way to go rap music. So happy for you and yours. While I’m fairly sure we can all agree that the modern-day minstrel show known as rap music has been an overall net positive for generations of urban youths, I haven’t actually listened to much of the melody challenged genre during the last two decades.

I know it sounds like I’m coming at y’all like a hater. Please don’t misunderstand. At times I still get into some of the really hardcore stuff, mostly the old school West Coast of NWA, Dre, Snoop. Truth be told, my favorite tunes are the really old, old school. Many of you will undoubtedly understand my reasons for sticking to the upbeat, fun stuff – Sugarhill to Jazzy and Fresh Prince. You see...

June 30, 2019

Hello Duff, Raz Cue here. How’s it going, buddy? Long time! First let me say, your fans have been very kind and supportive of my book. For that, I am forever thankful. It was fun while it lasted.

Never the less, I feel compelled to ask you a few questions. Remember, not too long ago, when you said this?

“I’m sure stuff was going on, Harvey Weinstein stuff and all that, but we hated that! If we saw that stuff going on around us, we didn’t allow it to happen around us. We were still good dudes,” he says. “None of our friends said, ‘Grab her by the p****.’ You know what I mean? Who would say something like that? And I don’t mean to be political against the dude who said that; it’s just an idiotic, stupid thing to say, for any man. And that’s the way I’ve always thought. So ’80s, or now — I could’ve written ‘Last September’ in the ’80s.”

C’mon man, seriously? You can’t utter such absurdities and expect to go unchallenged. The hypocrisy coming from someone that is a membe...

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